The Memory Remains.

As I was sitting around in my house on a rainy day, I flipped through my photo albums… You know, when digital cameras didn’t exist…  I had a few good laughs and wanted to put up a few that I felt were worthy.  Bitterman & Julie, hope these make you smile.

WordPress is by far better then

I love the fact that wordpress has an app that allows you to post on a blog that doesn’t suck… If only you could post photos on an iPhone… sigh

The Spring/Summer Back Yard.

Well, spent most of my day off yesterday cleaning my kitchen, living room, and taking out recycling, but just had to take a couple of pics of the pad, I hope I get more weekends off than the construction season is accustomed to…  Work Hard, Play Hard I guess…. Sorry about the corny date and time on the bottom, forgot to take my camera off “work mode”… I got a feeling this summer is going to be great.

Try to be creative every day… even if it’s doodling on a note pad, it’s better than thinking about work…