Another Eye Opener

So I don’t know about you but I can’t imagine someone being expelled from a political rally for wanting to be informed about their choices, but it happened.

Here’s another article about the same topic.


Dirty Rotten Bullshit

So here’s the update on Bill C-393, its dead again. Passed by the house of commons and stalled intentionally in the unelected senate until the government dissolved killing this bill. Here’s a good article about it:

If there is anyone out there who isn’t paying attention to our democracy, now would be the time to put in a little effort and concider what is being done to your country.


Bill C-393

So the house of commons last week passed bill c-393 to rework Canada’s access to medicines regime. A piece of legislation that would allow Canadian generic drug companies to provide drugs to multiple countries under a single liscence. These drugs would be used to combat aids/hiv among other diseases. Currently the legislation needs to pass the senate before it will come into effect. If the senate does not pass it before an election which by most accounts is very likely to happen in the immediate future, the bill will be killed. I ask that any of you that read this blog take a few minutes to send a message to the Canadian senate to pass this bill. Its easy to do simply follow this link, fill in your name and click send.



Byterman Typewriter Tags Totally Take That

type writer tag1

Take this wonderful note from my Smith Corona! Well you can’t actually read it, damn worn out typewriter “rrrriiiibbbooon” whatever that is.

Weekly Writers Showdown #3



Let’s do it your way


Let’s commit, give up dreams and breed

Let’s have a mini me to see the end of eternity

Let’s have a love child to hide

All our fears and insecurities

Let’s call it true love


Lets get married

Lets have a child

Lets perpetuate the demise

Of humanity

One lie at a time


Let’s buy a condo

Let’s move away

Still silent in front of shows on tv

The ones we dare not miss

for fear of seeing some reality


Let’s get married and pretend for the world

That we know the future

That we know what’s best

That we will be happier than the rest


–  Julia-lee


Ice Fog


This morning it was -28. Coming down across the bridge the ice fog was taken so high off the river that it obscured the other bank and all its buildings. It’s an eerie circumstance a misty frozen curtain being lit by the rising sun. I am late again, this time because there was no heat in the car. The only way to make the fan run was to pummel and pound the dash. There is nothing that rage can’t fix.   


The tepid sun is as tired as I am and spring is entirely too far away. The future is obscured in icy mornings there is no tomorrow only now, snow has been, is and will remain. It is now that I most envy bears.


– Byterman

Weekly Writers Showdown #2


I want to bask in the sun
when it’s high in the air
feel the heat on my skin
in the day
It’s closed in the snow
the sun holds the heat for itself
fearing the wind
will carry all away
Tepid sun
Tilting earth
I hate you
Come back


 Chocolate Dreams

The Older I get the more childish I become

So ready to cling to mystery in search of reality

So ready to accept myth as my destiny


I was at a wedding last night

Of a woman I didn’t know

She was beautiful

my vision of childhood memory


I remember a story

A magic trick to set your dreams

To the man you desire

All you need is cake from a wedding


So silently I slip a sliver

Of chocolate dreams into my pocket

I drove home thinking of you


Falling asleep a smile graces my lips

The first in weeks

Ready to embrace

 dreams of myth and destiny


Alternate Usernames

It has been pointed out to me several times recently that my username sucks. Here are some of the suggested alternatives: