Common Tansy

Common tansy, my nemesis…. Looks like we have a problem with these little critters. I had a weed complaint a while ago… However, I hope Antler lake, Alberta will take initiative to kill these little buggers…




Doug Stanhope

Some day I hope to meet this bitter genious of social commentary.  I’m about as cranky as this guy is when it comes to society.

Whole lotta meat.

Bought some tasty beef and pork, both tenderloin. Total cost 88 bucks… My barbecue didn’t know what hit it!


Location:SHERWOOD PARK,Canada

Lost in La Mancha

I love this documentary about one of my favorite directors…. I suggest you watch it to get a sense of how hard it is to make a film… Gilliam, is your wife a go’er? Ah yes say no more, say mo more.


Location:SHERWOOD PARK,Canada

Funny Google Searches

We’ve all seen pictures on the net of unlikely Google search results, so i decided to try my own with the phrase “I want to hit…”  I can’t believe what showed up…

Edward Cullen?  Really?  Too funny….

The Chev passes a milestone…

After a few years of driving, the
ol’ Z71 passed the 200k mark… It’s served me well, maybe time to go searching for my favorite truck. A 1998 Z71 with low miles… Maybe a Toyota, Ford, or any of the other companies that didn’t take a bailout. Either way I’m still waiting for a dependable truck to be produced. If I had the chance to buy an older Chevy, around 1970, I would, it’s the most reliable truck ever made by Chevrolet, but since it has that title, everyone wants an arm and a leg for one in half-assed shape. Oh well, the search continues… I will take suggestions whether or not I should buy another truck… I might be stubborn though as to my preference….