The Loyal Lumberjack

I thought I would play around with garageband and put together a spoken word / music thing.  Nothing serious, just me and a loyal lumberjack.

America’s Nuclear Moonscape

A very cool interactive map showing nuclear tests in the Nevada desert.  This site is only about 100km from Las Vegas.

Nevada Test Site

America’s Nuclear Moonscape.

From website ESRI Website:
Established in 1950, the Nevada Test Site (NTS) was the main United States location for the testing of nuclear devices for both military and peaceful uses. Between 1945 and the voluntary suspension of testing in 1992, the U.S. conducted 1,051 nuclear tests worldwide – 925 of these were at the NTS. The legacy of that testing is evident in the image to the right of the NTS’s Yucca Flats area. Locations for 603 of the tests are plotted in 5-year increments.