Tourism Calgary Video from 1962

Humans Need Not Apply, CGP Grey’s interesting take on automation and where we’re headed as a human workforce.

Mitch Matic – Try Something Else

Local MC from Edmonton, he’s worth checking out.

It's Probably Raining cover art

Mitchmatic – Try Something Else

Mitchmatic – One Word

Moses Znaimer’s ideacity – Rethinking Democracy

Very interesting discussion on Democracy

What I was most suprised about was Conrad Black’s portion of the discussion and his take on the political discourse in the United States and the current state of the news media in that country.

“(In the Unites States) As of now, public discourse, is essentially idiots on the right and left shrieking at each other making no sense at all, and you don’t get the best candidates running for president…”

Moses Znaimer’s ideacity – Rethinking Democracy

The Loyal Lumberjack

I thought I would play around with garageband and put together a spoken word / music thing.  Nothing serious, just me and a loyal lumberjack.