10 myths from usage-based billing supporters

Definitely worth a read.  Some good points here on internet billing in Canada.  My aircard bill from Bell last month was $270.00.  Ouch.

10 myths from usage-based billing supporters.



Perspective on Usage Based Billing in Canada… From Reddit.com

I may start to sound like a broken record on this UBB thing, but I think it’s important in Canada. The internet is a luxury, I realize that. What I do have a concern with is with price gouging by any form of business when it is not necessary. Oh wait, price gouging is never necessary. So here is something interesting to get your brains going.

I just came across this on Reddit (I discovered Reddit about a month ago…Sigh.) The idea that this may be a cheaper alternative is starting to make me think that UBB could get this bad.

Click to see the comments generating from this on Reddit!

Reddit post from a concerned Canadian. Click to see the comments generating from this photo on Reddit!