Mitch Matic – Try Something Else

Local MC from Edmonton, he’s worth checking out.

It's Probably Raining cover art

Mitchmatic – Try Something Else

Mitchmatic – One Word

The Loyal Lumberjack

I thought I would play around with garageband and put together a spoken word / music thing.  Nothing serious, just me and a loyal lumberjack.

Gramophone B-Day Present!

Here is something old and cool that I got as a present today, a gramophone playing “Oklahoma”! Now I have to revisit Jack Benny episodes. 🙂

Saskatoon band wins Rolling Stone cover contest!

Saskatoon band wins Rolling Stone cover contest – Arts & Entertainment – CBC News.

I was very nervous if this wonderful band would win this contest…  But I was confident that they would make a mark on the music community regardless of the contest.  Being a humble homegrown farm kid from Saskatchewan, it truly made me smile that they won this!  I was on Lake Diefenbaker for the long weekend having a blast and finding out that The Sheepdogs won the contest made it even better!

Take care and listen to The Sheepdogs, they’re a hard working band.



Jazzberry Ram… Oh the memories of High School

My sister got me onto these guys during High School. Thought I would share. Super Fishy Allah Tea is my favourite album of these guys, which I lost years ago and have been trying to find ever since. I guess I’ll have to buy it again… Hmmm, I wonder if they released it on Vinyl…

Here’s their song Pablo Jack Horner to give you an idea who they are.

Take Care,