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I may start to sound like a broken record on this UBB thing, but I think it’s important in Canada. The internet is a luxury, I realize that. What I do have a concern with is with price gouging by any form of business when it is not necessary. Oh wait, price gouging is never necessary. So here is something interesting to get your brains going.

I just came across this on Reddit (I discovered Reddit about a month ago…Sigh.) The idea that this may be a cheaper alternative is starting to make me think that UBB could get this bad.

Click to see the comments generating from this on Reddit!

Reddit post from a concerned Canadian. Click to see the comments generating from this photo on Reddit!

Internet Usage Based Billing In Canada. My Thoughts. Yours?

Stop Usage Based Billing in Canada

Stop Usage Based Billing in Canada

Okay, here is my rant about what the CRTC approved about Usage Based Billing (UBB).

I’m living in rural Alberta with no highspeed options aside from an aircard or satellite.  Which, by the way, are expensive and not very reliable from my experiences.

Here’s the CRTC post regarding usage based billing. Telecom Decision CRTC 2011-44t

Usage Based Billing is what I anticipated years ago, yet I’m still upset about it.  The reason I’m upset is that I love the internet and its capabilities. (Helping people to be be informed of civil unrest, wartime atrocities, corrupt politicians, Youtube, or watching funny videos on

Uploading pics and videos of me and my friends having fun together, whether to share with them or anyone on this lovely planet is WAY MORE gratifying than waiting for a new show to air on TV.  It doesn’t seem to connect me to my friends as much.

I wonder what this guy would think about UBB if he were alive today…

Alexander Graham Bell Phoning the CRTC to say "Usage Based Billing Blows!"

Alexander Graham Bell Phoning the CRTC to say "Usage Based Billing Blows!"

I like television shows and movies, don’t get me wrong, they make me smile every day and the people that work in the film industry work hard to bring us quality programming (aside from the annoying ads…)

The biggest reason I’m upset is that why do we now have to pay extra to connect with my family and friends, just because the communication infrastructure here in Canada can’t possible cope with the current demands…  The fact that the big ISP’s spearheaded this is making me think of sending the CRTC a written letter to complain… It’s going to be on a typewriter or even handwritten.   I figured I would “Do Them A Kindness” and save them a couple of bucks on bandwidth…  Maybe I’ll get a response, maybe not.  Thoughts?


Here’s a link for a few blogs against UBB, haven’t read a lot of it, at least we’re starting to blog about it.
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