Riding the Boom Tornado…

I found this documentary about the boom and bust cycle that happened in Alberta in the 1980’s. It’s strikingly similar to what happened in the last few years. It’s worth looking at.


Julie Doesn’t Know How to Blog…..The Video…

Self Explanitory Video for the blog below.


Julie Can’t blog from Wes Kennedy on Vimeo.

Julie Doesn’t Know How to Blog…..

It’s pretty sad that you work in the film industry and you say that you’re technologically illiterate…. Shame on you.

How Edmonton uses the Bathroom During Olympic Hockey

This graph shows water consumption in Edmonton, Alberta during the Gold Medal Hockey Game… I wonder how many beers were drank that day. Lord knows I drank a few.

Debating over WordPress and Blogger….

Been trying to add “sharing is sexy” to my blogger account http://conquestcommando.blogspot.com and getting frustrated, my friend Julia recommended wordpress.  Here we go!

Bryce's Shop

Library Closes Down

I lived here all my life…. and I’m pissed about the local library closing!! I mean fuck!! Who closes a local library!! This is bullshit!! It’s the evil midgets that are responsible for this chaotic bullshit! Those short little pickle fucking evil fuckers. Ass bashin Knuckle fucker!! Godamn I’m pissseddd! Those evil library closing midgets can eat there own feces, puke it up in there socks and shove it up there abnormally small assholes!

I just want you to know that this was the first post by Doctor Dick Shorts…. Vulger Anger is his strength, if don’t like it… “You can puke up monkey feces in your underwear and wear them on your head.” Doctor Dick Shorts

Claytonisms revisted….

We’ve got a couple more Claytonisms for ya this evening. They are as follows:

Ass Bashing Fuck Knuckler
Ball Sachel
Grease Monkey Dick Lizard
Dildo Eating Bitch Sniffer

More to Come.

Elvis…. A Recap.

Remember when I going to dwell into Elvis…. Well, I’m a fan now, and I have to say that watching his last concert was tough to take, yet mesmerizing because of his voice… It was still spot on. Charisma, humility, and showmanship. Elvis lives! I still think Suspicious Minds is his best tune though…