What can I say about that gane,,,,,,   It was so stressful, so mind blowing, so rewarding that I will never forget the Vancouver Olympic Men’s Hockey Gold Medal Game!!!!!!
(Enjoy some crappy pics I took at my TV, it’s current so don’t bitch about it… Much Love For Canada!)  


Random Thought about Music… Elvis and Soundgarden

I just listened to Elvis – Suspicious Minds and got to thinking… My dad was a big fan, and apparently the rest of the world. I’ve always been in the mindset that if you enjoy even one song from an artist, that you should give the entire catalogue a listen. An example of this is Soundgarden, I remember hearing Black Hole Sun on the radio, ya it was a catchy tune, but never thought much of it or the band. Then riding back to my apartment on Broadway in Saskatoon, in Mark’s car (you remember that Bitterman?), I heard Pretty Noose. I was intrigued, so I searched for this so-called band Soundgarden… Now I’m the biggest Soundgarden fan thanks to that logic. Maybe I’ll be an Elvis fan, who knows…

Own Your Own FireHall

That’s right you can and should own your own firehall located in the scenic community of Conquest Saskatchewan! $29,900 Canadian gets you a former firehall on a 75ftX115ft lot. Count on installing your own fire pole however. Plus it may need some serious work to become a condo conversion!

Crazy Canucks or It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Ok so I’m addicted to Japanese game shows, there’s something just so f@$king awesome about watching people attempt ridiculous tasks and mostly failing. I think its time for a Canadian game show of the same type, and don’t fool yourself there are lots of Canadians out there willing to try any sort of crazy crap for a chance at being on tv. I’m thinking it could be called Crazy Canuck or maybe It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time. It might be less funny to see Canadians compete and injure themselves without a host yelling in Japanese but so long as the Canadian host is plenty loud, cruel and not Ben Mulroney it can’t possibly fail.
I’m putting this one to Julia, you are the only person I know working in film and television. Can we make this happen please?

Edmonton Aviation Museum…. And darker backgrounds are easier to look at….

I figured I’d change the background colour, it’s easier to browse.  Also, I went to the Edmonton Aviation Museum this weekend with my parents and I’ll quote my dad about the place.  “I’ve been to the Pearl Harbour Aviation Museum, this place is 10 times better.”  If you are ever up to Edmonton, don’t go to “The Mall” go here.  If the Edmonton Municipal Airport closes, I hope this place won’t shut down.  There is so much Canadian History here, it would be a shame to waste.  They even let us walk through the resoration wing and saw gentlemen working on some of the coolest and most interesting planes I’ve ever seen.  Great Day to spend with the family!

Hope you Enjoyed the Pics, go to the Edmonton Aviation Museum!!!!

Tourniquet’s aren’t always the best option

Without immediate medical attention, shooting someone in the leg can cause more blood loss than tossing a hemophiliac orphan through a plate glass window.

The problem with using a tourniquet to keep a wound from bleeding out is that cutting off the blood from other parts of the body to the injured area is sort of like blowing up the city’s Water Works because you can’t get the faucet in your kitchen to stop leaking: It’s a bit drastic and someone will <a href="http://
“>probably die because of it.

Soundgarden Reunites!!!!!

It’s been a couple of years since my favorite band broke up, but apparently they are back in action! Through a couple of websites New Soundgarden Website is here! Cornell suggested that the band is back together. I’m excited that these guys are coming back. I hope that they’ll do well live, and I’m waiting for more tour updates!

Here’s a vid of Chris that I found that will keep you satisfied. Click the link below to see Chris.

Chris Cornell chatting about his tours, and recording the album Scream

Blackadder is Great!

Blackadder: I know from long experience all my men have the artistic talent of a cluster of colour-blind hedgehogs in a bag.

I suggest that you watch enough Blackadder to give you a healthy dose of laughter. Trust me it’s one of the greatest series ever created.

Why Bobby Flay Sucks….

I’ve hated this guy since this episode of Iron Chef when he challenges Chef Morimoto… He disgraced Morimoto by jumping on his cutting board with his dirty ass nasty kitchen feet… “Oh wow, I add hot peppers to everything, therefore I rule….” (fake quote) What a crock of shit. Apparently, if you BBQ and add hot sauce to anything you deserve to be on the Food Network. Fuck this guy, I mean really, his attitude stinks and he looks like a guy that would eat footlong hotdogs at Casino Royale in Vegas all day. I haven’t seen an apology for this since he’s been a douchebag on cable, so I hate him. Nothing from him has inspired me to cook in his style and that’s sad since I love to cook. If he has apologized, then I stand corrected, until then, Fuck Bobby Flay.