Win Win…Deadmau5? Could I possibly like a Techno Song?

What can I say, I came across this the other day on Vice Records
and I liked it.

The following snippet was taken from

I guess we have an official website…

The days of are over. Now you can visit our humble blog at! Give it a shot, post or comment. We’ll be here.

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Conferences all atwitter, but are we speeding public ridicule?

Conferences all atwitter, but are we speeding public ridicule?.

Just came across this blog, and I like it.

I’m still on the fence about Twitter… I have a blog and a website, that way I can get across what I’m saying in more than 140 characters.   For me, the crafting of an article or random thought with images and / or videos and finally hitting the “Publish” button is much more satisfying than tweeting into space hoping for mentions to come.

If corporations and celebrities are paying other people to write their tweets, then I’m going to reserve judgement on whether Twitter is a valid method of communication.  I’ll give it a couple years.

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Jazzberry Ram… Oh the memories of High School

My sister got me onto these guys during High School. Thought I would share. Super Fishy Allah Tea is my favourite album of these guys, which I lost years ago and have been trying to find ever since. I guess I’ll have to buy it again… Hmmm, I wonder if they released it on Vinyl…

Here’s their song Pablo Jack Horner to give you an idea who they are.

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The Current Education System and The Overuse of Ritalin

The has a wealth of information on a multitude of topics.

This lecture was done by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert. He makes some very good points throughout the lecture. One that sparked my attention was that the over prescription of Ritalin to combat the so-called ADHD epidemic is wrong and unnecessary.

Take a look, it’s worth it.



The Sheep Dogs from Saskatoon

These Saskatonian dudes are currently in the running to be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. They are the only Canadian band on the list, vote them up!

Here’s their official video for “I Don’t Know”

Bill C-393

So the house of commons last week passed bill c-393 to rework Canada’s access to medicines regime. A piece of legislation that would allow Canadian generic drug companies to provide drugs to multiple countries under a single liscence. These drugs would be used to combat aids/hiv among other diseases. Currently the legislation needs to pass the senate before it will come into effect. If the senate does not pass it before an election which by most accounts is very likely to happen in the immediate future, the bill will be killed. I ask that any of you that read this blog take a few minutes to send a message to the Canadian senate to pass this bill. Its easy to do simply follow this link, fill in your name and click send.



Bertie Beaver The Canadian Smokey the Bear

Bertie Beaver was the Mascot for the Alberta Government back in the day. Along the same lines as Smokey The Bear but better.

Isn’t it nice that he says Please?


Atlas of Canada 1st Edition

I was snooping around the Government of Canada’s website the other day and stumbled upon the Atlas of Canada site. They have the full Atlas (Editions 1 through 5) available free for download. It’s very cool to look at what the country looked like in the early 1900’s. Some of the maps have disputed Canadian and American Borders, Explorer Routes, etc.

It’s worth a look if you’re into Canadian history or just like old maps.


Here’s the official Government of Canada’s Website if you want to look at all the Atlas of Canada Editions

Government of Canada Atlas Archives