Jazzberry Ram… Oh the memories of High School

My sister got me onto these guys during High School. Thought I would share. Super Fishy Allah Tea is my favourite album of these guys, which I lost years ago and have been trying to find ever since. I guess I’ll have to buy it again… Hmmm, I wonder if they released it on Vinyl…


Here’s their song Pablo Jack Horner to give you an idea who they are.

Take Care,


The Current Education System and The Overuse of Ritalin

The RSA.org has a wealth of information on a multitude of topics.

This lecture was done by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert. He makes some very good points throughout the lecture. One that sparked my attention was that the over prescription of Ritalin to combat the so-called ADHD epidemic is wrong and unnecessary.

Take a look, it’s worth it.