Why Edmonton needs a Wolverine statue…and more

Literary Dialogue

I’m going to explain why Edmonton needs a Wolverine Statue, and in fact, needs a much bigger statue than that. In order to do that, I need to first introduce you to Alpha Flight, James Hudson and their role in Edmonton’s history, in the Marvel universe.

Back in the ’80s, Canadian superhero team, Alpha Flight, fought in numerous locations across Canada including Edmonton, inside Edmonton’s most recognisable landmark.


While this is cool, it’s only one of the locations that Alpha Flight battled super-villains. At that time, they also battled baddies in every other major Canadian city. However, in Alpha Flight 67-70, that all changed. One of comics worst, meaning most evil, super-villain took complete control of Edmonton. The Dreamqueen, for reasons unknown, came to Edmonton and took up residence at the top of one of Edmonton’s tallest buildings. It was from here that she took over the city.


Her powers…

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