Weekly Writers Showdown #2


I want to bask in the sun
when it’s high in the air
feel the heat on my skin
in the day
It’s closed in the snow
the sun holds the heat for itself
fearing the wind
will carry all away
Tepid sun
Tilting earth
I hate you
Come back


 Chocolate Dreams

The Older I get the more childish I become

So ready to cling to mystery in search of reality

So ready to accept myth as my destiny


I was at a wedding last night

Of a woman I didn’t know

She was beautiful

my vision of childhood memory


I remember a story

A magic trick to set your dreams

To the man you desire

All you need is cake from a wedding


So silently I slip a sliver

Of chocolate dreams into my pocket

I drove home thinking of you


Falling asleep a smile graces my lips

The first in weeks

Ready to embrace

 dreams of myth and destiny


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