Coward – Short Film WWI

Tourism Calgary Video from 1962

Moses Znaimer’s ideacity – Rethinking Democracy

Very interesting discussion on Democracy

What I was most suprised about was Conrad Black’s portion of the discussion and his take on the political discourse in the United States and the current state of the news media in that country.

“(In the Unites States) As of now, public discourse, is essentially idiots on the right and left shrieking at each other making no sense at all, and you don’t get the best candidates running for president…”

Moses Znaimer’s ideacity – Rethinking Democracy

There’s no point wearing a poppy if you just want to be popular | David Mitchell

Retro PC Game Nostalgia


Hey there retro games,

Recently I decided to play a game from my past that had always put a smile on my face when I was young.  Doom II…  I purchased this game during a family trip to Saskatoon and may I say, I was totally pumped to play it.  When I got home I rushed upstairs to play this thing.  After 4 hours of being enthralled with the graphics, sound, and game play, my mom came upstairs and knocked on the door. 

“Are you coming out for supper?”

I reluctantly paused the game, ate supper and came back to a game I will never forget. 

Wolfenstein (on a 3.5″) had nothing on this, though that was a great game too.  But that is another story.

Hope it sparks some memories. 

Take care,


P.S.  Finding this game in with a “Made in Canada” sticker on the back made me smile…

Saskatoon band wins Rolling Stone cover contest!

Saskatoon band wins Rolling Stone cover contest – Arts & Entertainment – CBC News.

I was very nervous if this wonderful band would win this contest…  But I was confident that they would make a mark on the music community regardless of the contest.  Being a humble homegrown farm kid from Saskatchewan, it truly made me smile that they won this!  I was on Lake Diefenbaker for the long weekend having a blast and finding out that The Sheepdogs won the contest made it even better!

Take care and listen to The Sheepdogs, they’re a hard working band.