Retro PC Game Nostalgia


Hey there retro games,

Recently I decided to play a game from my past that had always put a smile on my face when I was young.  Doom II…  I purchased this game during a family trip to Saskatoon and may I say, I was totally pumped to play it.  When I got home I rushed upstairs to play this thing.  After 4 hours of being enthralled with the graphics, sound, and game play, my mom came upstairs and knocked on the door. 

“Are you coming out for supper?”

I reluctantly paused the game, ate supper and came back to a game I will never forget. 

Wolfenstein (on a 3.5″) had nothing on this, though that was a great game too.  But that is another story.

Hope it sparks some memories. 

Take care,


P.S.  Finding this game in with a “Made in Canada” sticker on the back made me smile…

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