The Morning Show….

The Morning Show…. from Wes Kennedy on Vimeo.

Where did this come from? I wonder….. I know all the great people that did this, even though we were young and stupid and may have regretted what we said here. Enjoy.

CLAYTON is braindead, his brain is not working, somedays i wish my brain would work. Cocktractors and melon heads are nice people, you just have to get to know them… Even though they are completely “slow” they aren’t that bad to hang out with. I guess I’m going to hell for this, but you’re all thinking it. Dang….

The Wonders Of Sustainable Society.

Every once in a while, I come across an image that makes me think that we are, as a human race, doomed to get hit with the almighty “fuck you” by the planet we call home. I can’t help but feel guilty about it, but it’s only a matter of time that we will, someday, get a taste of, “Geez I guess I should have been more self sufficient, and not messed up my surroundings.” Only time will tell I guess.

Well holy shit, I guess this blogging thing is easier than I thought. I assume this image will cause some comments, because I think it’s funny as hell. Bring it on!

Welll Here It Goes

Just thought I would grab the last name i could find. Just testing this out so bare with me. Photos will come soon as well as vidz. Take Care. CC