Perspective on Usage Based Billing in Canada… From

I may start to sound like a broken record on this UBB thing, but I think it’s important in Canada. The internet is a luxury, I realize that. What I do have a concern with is with price gouging by any form of business when it is not necessary. Oh wait, price gouging is never necessary. So here is something interesting to get your brains going.

I just came across this on Reddit (I discovered Reddit about a month ago…Sigh.) The idea that this may be a cheaper alternative is starting to make me think that UBB could get this bad.

Click to see the comments generating from this on Reddit!

Reddit post from a concerned Canadian. Click to see the comments generating from this photo on Reddit!

Weekly Writers Showdown

So this is the first in a weekly writers showdown, Julia-lee vs. Byterman.

In Tall Grass

I found myself on a journey

Feet floating, toes trailing

Hardly in control,

I drifted

Shed what was never mine to bear

I ran

I ran, and ran

In my mind

So fast

I couldn’t catch the thoughts

That flew past

My feet anchored

My body atrophied

Rooted to the spot, waiting

For your permission to pounce

a cat in tall grass

Instead I read the words of women

Froze in just this pose

 – Julia-lee

Techno Solitude

Is my phone not working?

No one is texting

facebook is unimaginably silent.

It must be true that you can disconnect from everyone by withdrawing.

I am a secret watcher, checking updates and leering longingly at photos.

Leaving no traces, no footprint.

I see the onward progression of your lives while mine is slowly drawn from me.

I have gotten busy dieing, while you’ve been posing in fantastic photos for the internet.

I am alone and you have all abandoned me to rot away in this cubicle

where my eyes hurt from the strain of staring at the screen

awaiting confirmation that I’m still living.


never mind

I’ve been very personally invited to a party this Saturday.

Don’t let me go so long without some confirmation, some hope

Ohh these quarter hour solitudes!

– Byterman