The 2011 Best Rural Smart Hub Internet Plans In Alberta


Hi everyone,

This post seems to get a lot of traffic and I’ve been slacking a bit to update it with 2012 pricing.  Here it is!  If you find anything better out there for plans, let me know or post it in the comments!  Take it easy.


ROGERS $47.00 INCLUDED $57.00 $72.00 $92.00 $10.00
BELL $45.00 INCLUDED $55.00 $70.00 $90.00 $15.36
TELUS $45.00 INCLUDED $55.00 $70.00 NOT AVAILABLE $20.48

These are the current hubs available as of July 30th, 2012.

Bell Mobility Turbo Hub
Rogers Wireless Rocket Hub
Telus Mobility Smart Hub

Hey Internet users,

I go online, I’m rural in Alberta and it is not cheap or fast in my current situation so I’d thought I would share some research.  I surf the internet and currently live at Antler Lake, Alberta and we have (as I know currently) wireless, satellite, or dial-up.   I currently use an Internet Stick from Bell and decided to look at options other than Satellite or the Internet Stick. My internet stick isn’t exactly cheap considering Netflix and Youtube cost me $255 last month. Or fast because trying to upload my own pictures to this blog has been frustrating. The reliability of my “internet stick” has been questionable, last month I’ve been online and it seems that I have to unplug/reset my card within the first 5 minutes. I decided to check out what the best available mobile internet plan for people in rural areas in Alberta is. Here’s what I’ve found.  I hope this helps anyone in Canada/World, regardless of where live.

Smart Hub plans are currently offered by Bell, Telus, and Rogers as of April 12, 2011.  Data caps for Smart Hubs are a bit better than Internet Sticks, don’t ask me why.  These companies offer the following for Smart Hub Plans:

Note:  From what I’ve seen on the web, all of companies noted above use $/mb for over usage, which means 1024 MB per GB, and I will convert them for you to GB…  I think it seems only fair to offer that in the internet age of Vimeo, Youtube, Netflix, etc..  We’re all thinking in GigaBytes…

The rate plans I’ve found are for Alberta. Rates across the country for comparison/discussion would be appreciated!

Okay, now the nickels and dimes of the whole thing.

One Gigabyte = 1024 Megabytes… So 1 cent / MB = $10.24 per GB.

  • Bell Mobility – NETGEAR MBR1210 Turbo Hub = $65 /month for 10GB – Anything over costs $15.36 CAD / GB.
  • Telus –  Smart Hub Plan = $70/month for 10 GB – Anything over costs $20 CAD / GB.
  • Rogers – Rocket Hub = $85/month for 10 GB – Anything over costs $10 CAD /GB.

Hopefully this helps you in finding an internet plan that works for you in the rural areas of Alberta, Saskatchewan, or any province in Canada, or the world!

If you find rate plans that are better than I have found, let me know!

Take Care,


6 thoughts on “The 2011 Best Rural Smart Hub Internet Plans In Alberta

  1. Thanks CC for the post. Being somewhat technically challenged you did manage to make some things clearer. I too am rural AB on a Telus Stick….and I want to move before I get next months bill. :S I don’t understand why it’s necessary to charge rural people such ridiculous rates for such inadequate service.

  2. Nice little break down, gets right to the important points with out getting tecnical on everyone, the turbo hub by bell is a heck of an upgrade from the radio tower providers (xplorenet, platinum etc etc). thank you

  3. Is this portable? Any idea if it would work 26 miles north of High Prairie, Alberta, which is a dead zone for Telus and other outfits?

  4. Most of the smart hubs are portable, but if you’re working on site or in your truck, you might need to get a power inverter. As for it working north of High Prairie, if your cell phone doesn’t work very well there, this likely won’t work either.

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