Silversmithing for me?

So I decided to take a silversmithing class. I haven’t had a chance to be creative artistically for a while and came across a class in Edmonton that would help me fix my silver thumb ring I got in Mexico, which has broke apart after a few years of abuse…

I’ve procrastinated fixing the ring for a while so I “got of the couch” and decided to do take a class in silversmithing. The City of Edmonton has quite a few classes (for a fee) that include pottery, painting, glasswork, and silversmithing, just to name a few. I’ve always liked tinkering and would like to think that I’m handy working with a various materials. That’s why I decided do something different.

After the first class, I got a list of a few tools that were needed.  I’ll list them for those who might be interested in starting this sort of thing:

1. Paper/Pencil (For doodles and sketches of your ideas)
2. Jeweler’s saw blades – “3/0″ are recommended, grab 3 dozen of these, trust me. 🙂
3. 0.8mm – 1.0mm drill bit
4. Sanding material – This should include sanding sticks with grits from 600 to 400.
5. 6” Bastard file – Can be found at Princess Auto, Canadian Tire, or any Jewelry Supply Store.
6. Needle Files – Princess Auto, Canadian Tire, Rona (maybe) has these and they’re cheep.

And so the project begins…

We started working with copper today because it is similar to silver just so we got familiar with working a metal like silver. I grabbed a couple of files saw blades, sandpaper, and an imagination and started learning how to become a “silversmith”… We”ll see what happens.

Take it easy,






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