Why Bobby Flay Sucks….

I’ve hated this guy since this episode of Iron Chef when he challenges Chef Morimoto… He disgraced Morimoto by jumping on his cutting board with his dirty ass nasty kitchen feet… “Oh wow, I add hot peppers to everything, therefore I rule….” (fake quote) What a crock of shit. Apparently, if you BBQ and add hot sauce to anything you deserve to be on the Food Network. Fuck this guy, I mean really, his attitude stinks and he looks like a guy that would eat footlong hotdogs at Casino Royale in Vegas all day. I haven’t seen an apology for this since he’s been a douchebag on cable, so I hate him. Nothing from him has inspired me to cook in his style and that’s sad since I love to cook. If he has apologized, then I stand corrected, until then, Fuck Bobby Flay.


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